Cat Marsters is the pen name of award-winning author Kate Johnson.

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Sundown International

Being a paranormal being in today’s world can be tough. That’s why Sundown international is here to help, no matter where in the world you are.

Have you been possessed by a demon and need to seek vengeance? Our specialist demon hunter, Reaver, can help.

Maybe, like Sofie, you need to solve a murder that appears to involve Czech vampires. Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, our linguistics expert, Finn, is the man for you.

Perhaps, like Paige, you’ve been turned into a vampire against your will, and need some help coming to terms with it. Our men in Rome, Rafa and Jamie, will give you everything you need.

What if you need to deal with ancient deities? No problem: our in-house team includes Chloe, a siren, and Alexius, scion of the Greek pantheon.

 Sundown International: whatever your needs, we can deliver.

Never Leave Me

Reaver’s been a demon hunter since he was sixteen, and if there’s one thing he can’t stand, it’s helplessness.

So when he finds a girl so shocked by demon possession that she can’t speak a word, he’s ready to get rid of her as soon as he can. But he never bargained on her invading his dreams and knowing everything about him.  He never expected her to be the best fighter he’s ever seen. And he sure as hell didn’t think she’d turn out to be so damn sexy.

But before he can give in to what he never knew he wanted, he’s got to figure out just who she is…and why the hell he wants her so much.

Duty and the Beast

Sofie doesn’t believe in the paranormal. This presents a problem, however, because she’s trying to solve the murder of a vampire and her new partner is an elf.

Not quite as much of a problem as the elf himself, however. Finn is completely barmy and utterly irresistible. But Sofie’s determined that, unlike every other woman on the planet, she’s not going to fall for his charms. As for Finn, he’s refreshed by Sofie’s professionalism, even if it’s damn frustrating that the first woman he’s really wanted in years doesn’t want him back.

There is one thing that doesn’t add up, however. For someone who doesn’t believe in the paranormal, she goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid full moons, silver, and any mention of lone wolves…

 Unholy Trinity
When Paige wakes up with the worst love-bite of her life and a terrible craving for blood, there's only one conclusion she can draw. And only one person she can turn to for help: her old friend Jamie, whose belief in the paranormal she'd always thought was sweet, but insane.

Jamie's been in love with Paige since the day they met, so when she turns up on his doorstep he's happy to give her whatever she needs. Especially when the comfort she's looking for is not exactly platonic.

But all's not well, because Jamie has a sneaking suspicion who turned Paige into a vampire in the first place. His boss, Rafael, who's never been shy of taking what he wants. And right now, Rafa wants Paige--and Jamie, too.


It’s tough to form a meaningful relationship when you have all the dating skills of a praying mantis.

For Chloe, human interaction is an absolute disaster area, but then she is a siren. Vegetarianism is not an option when you turn into a six-foot eagle with a human head.

But in the glittering lights of Las Vegas, she meets the dazzling, irresistible Alexius. He’s gorgeous. He’s sexy. He’s perfect in every way. And he’s about to hand her over to the harem of a collector of paranormal beings.

Alexius is about to find out that when a siren says you look good enough to eat, she’s really not joking…

Sundown Investigations

You’ve never seen this side of New York City before…

Faeries and vampires have been at war for centuries, but in Manhattan an East Side Story plays out as renegade vampire Maria and Unseelie seer Ruarc clash in a blaze of passion.

Fifteen years ago in Australia, a young shapeshifter named Daisy lost her heart to an Alpha werewolf. Now Adam is back in her life and uncovering all her secrets, but can she ever accept his love again?

Lucky always thought she had a normal life—well, as normal as can be in the fashion industry. But when an incubus and his evil twin start haunting her dreams in the hottest way, she starts to wonder what’s hidden in her own past.

 Kat thought her dancing career was over when she was bitten by a wild cat in safari in Africa. But every full moon her shape changes, and a terrifying shifter is on her trail. She takes solace in the arms of the gorgeous Wolfe, but now that the mating fever is on her, will he be enough to satisfy her, or will she need to take more than one shifter to her bed?

East Side Story

East Side Story Faeries and vampires hate each other. Everyone knows that. So why does Ruarc of the Unseelie have a vampire in his bed?

Maria knows she’s supposed to hate faeries, but she has no idea why. So far, Ruarc’s saved her life, fed her the most potent blood she’s ever tasted, and given her the best orgasm of her life.

But something’s after Ruarc, something dark and nasty, and it certainly isn’t going to let one fledgeling vampire stop it.

Drive Me Daisy

Adam was the first man Daisy ever saw. When the faeries sent her back to the mortal realm, his werewolf pack took her in. Adam was the first man to make love to her, and the first to break her heart.

Now, fifteen years later, Adam’s back, and he needs Daisy: in his work, in his life, and in his bed. But fifteen years can change a person, and now Daisy’s not so sure she can forgive Adam for what happened all that time ago.

Plus, there’s the little matter of the secret she’s been keeping since she last saw him…

 Get Lucky

Lucky Harris is a normal girl. Well, she never gets sick, can walk in four inch heels and has an incubus stalking her dreams. But that doesn’t mean anything… does it?

But when an incubus starts appearing outside her dreams, sucking Lucky’s energy and leaving her almost dead, she begins to admit there’s something up. But despite what her mad boss and his loopy friends at Sundown Investigations say, she’s not ready to believe their tale of the paranormal. Even if she’s now having the best sex of her life with the man of her dreams—and there are two of him.

But what if they’re right, and she is part elf? Is that why the incubus is so drawn to her? Can she ever feed him enough, or will he kill her? And why won’t the perfect man she’s been dating sleep with her? Is everyone out to get Lucky?

Here Kitty Kitty

Nathan and Wolfe always fought like cat and dog—because that’s what they are. But there are some things that test even the loyalty of a werewolf, and now the ruthless jaguar shifter is Wolfe’s number one enemy.

Newly bitten by a shifter, Kat’s trying to juggle student life in a strange city with turning into a big cat once a month. If that’s not enough, she’s on heat, and the fever is only soothed by the darkly handsome Wolfe, who’s more than happy to satisfy her mating needs. But someone else is chasing Kat: the wickedly sensual Nathan, seducing his way across continents to find her.

Does he really want to help Kat, or is he just out for revenge against his former partner? And when he catches her, Kat’s going to have to decide whether she wants the loyal Wolfe or the insanely exciting Nathan. Or is it possible for her to have both?


After the Fall
Burning Desires
City of Lust
Dawn Rising

Dreaming Of You
Hardest of Hearts
Naked Eyes

Playing With Matches
White Wedding
Room Service

These novellas have been rewritten since being previously published by Changeling Press.


 Almost Human

Dark by name, dark by nature. Oldest surviving child of a murdered dynasty, he lives for revenge on the family who slaughtered dozens of his rare people; and especially the woman who murdered his brother. Her name is Chance, and he knows her to be evil.

As a highly trained mercenary and a highly respected female companion, Chance has never met a man she can’t triumph over - in bed or out of it. Until she meets Dark, prince of the Nasc, and they share one explosive night of passion–after which he hunts her down with the sole intention of executing her. Chance bargains with him to help him find his missing sister, but she knows Dark will kill her soon as she does.

It’s time to make a desperate plan: seduce Dark into being unable to live without her and hope he falls for her usually reliable charms. It’s a huge risk–not least because while she’s gifting him with her body, she’s also gradually giving him her heart.

Mad, Bad & Dangerous

Waking up chained to a naked hottie is par for the course in Kett’s life, but when said hottie decides she’s fated to be his mate, she can’t get away quick enough. A shapeshifter by nature and a dragon-tamer by profession, Kett’s tried the whole tied-down thing and all it’s given her is a crippled leg and a prison record. Besides, Bael’s a lunatic, and she has enough of those in her life already.

But Bael’s not about to give up. He likes everything about Kett, from her bad language to her mad family, and he definitely likes the sparks she generates in his bed. Besides, now he’s found his mate, he can’t ever have sex with anyone else, for the rest of his life.

Sure, there are things she’s not telling him, but then there are plenty of things he’s not telling her either. Such as who chained them together in the first place—and why they’re going to stop at nothing until they’ve caught both Bael and Kett, and made sure that the rest of their lives are very short indeed.

These novels were previously published by Ellora's Cave.