Cat Marsters is the pen name of award-winning author Kate Johnson.

Monday 6 July 2015

Welcome to Cat Marsters Airlines...

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Cat Marsters Airlines and Flight 'Out Of This World', departing on time from Gate Kindle at 00:01hrs. We would like to inform you that your book has now landed here at Amazon Airport and as soon as it has been made ready for reading we will be ready to begin downloading.

"If you have purchased priority booking, this title will be delivered wirelessly to your kindle at 00:01hrs, local time. Would all other readers please remain seated within the area of Gate Kindle and await further announcements. We estimate purchasing to begin on time in approximately nine hours.

"On behalf of Cat Marsters Airlines we'd like to thank you for choosing our Out Of This World service and wish you a very pleasant onward reading experience."

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Only $3.15/£1.99 during July!
Released: 7th July 2015

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