Cat Marsters is the pen name of award-winning author Kate Johnson.

Thursday 25 June 2015

Out Of This World available for pre-order!

Out Of This World SF box set:
Special introductory price: Only $3.15/£1.99 during July! 

“Nothing but rain from that sky for hundreds of years,” he said, “and then you fall out of it.” 

Out Of This World: Jake lives a pretty secluded life on his remote farm, which suits him fine since he’s not over keen on anyone finding out he’s really a werewolf. But when a spaceship crash lands in his back yard, he might just have found the one woman in all of the universe who can accept him for who he is.

Hunted: Jal Vornis is a bounty hunter searching the blackness of space for a missing socialite. The last place he expects to find her is the red light district of the notorious Starport 17. But why on this earth or the next would a woman who had everything give it up to spend her days on her knees, and what is it going to take to get her back?
(Formerly published as Spaceport: Incognito)

Wanted: Sayana, exalted Var Castran courtesan, thinks her life is pretty perfect. She can take any lover she wishes, and be paid for the privilege. But something’s wrong, and when her gilded life crashes into that of space pirate Hadley Rider, she can’t deny her demons any longer.
(Formerly published as Spaceport: Courtesan)

 Fifteen Minutes From The Sun: Freema’s spaceship is spiralling out of control, and if she doesn’t declare her feelings for her shipmate now, she might never get the chance... Please note: these short stories have been rewritten since being published by Changeling Press LLC.

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Only $3.15/£1.99 during July!
Released: 7th July 2015
Available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle from 27th June 2015

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