Cat Marsters is the pen name of award-winning author Kate Johnson.

Tuesday 24 May 2016

New Release: Baby Sham Faery Love

Sundown, Inc: Baby Sham Faery Love

Banished from the Fae courts by bickering royalty, Aura has spent most of her life trying to find a way back in. She lives her days as a sex faery, helping those who need a little spice in their love lives.

When her best friend Tadgh asks for her help Aura's more than willing to give it. Tadgh’s lover, the Fae prince Elline, needs to provide an heir to secure the succession of the Seelie throne. If she bears his child, she’ll easily be accepted into the Seelie court.

There’s only one problem: Ell is as gay as gay can be.

Fortunately, Tadgh is not.

Baby Sham Faery Love: Queens and faeries and heirs… oh my. 

Released 24th May 2016

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